Industry Compliance

Sitting atop our company doctrine is the sweeping concept of Industry Compliance, which has morality and the value of life at its core. Adopting the standards provided by the military, law enforcement, as well as the codes of conduct regarding the universal ethics concerning the sanctity of human life, ISIS commits to upholding the guidelines provided in: the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC), the Montreaux Document, amongst other conventions. ISIS’ Regulatory & Compliance Department ensures that the company is in accordance with industry standards and norms.   

Security Professionalism

We at International Security & Intelligence Solutions believe that proper training and education is the key to success when deploying are personnel, including Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP), around the world. Although part of the recruitment prerequisites at ISIS demands prior Special Operations Forces (SOF) experience, ISIS understands the paradigm shift needed in order to properly secure private sector interests. In response to this realization, ISIS’ Training Department has developed special curricula for the different assignments it takes on as a company.     

Market Sensitivity

ISIS understands that maintaining competitiveness is a key to its survival; therefore it strives to provide efficient and effective professional services, while taking into consideration the cost sensitivity for different companies. This includes streamlining its services and employing operational models which guarantee the utmost efficiency, for example offering a wide array of team compositions to our clients. In addition, ISIS prides itself as a company which creates special relationships with its clients. ISIS likes to Think Global, but Act Local.